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Me and my family

My Husband and I have lived in Germany for the past 8 years.

Milly and Max were born on the 1st of April and seemed to be healthy little kittens. About two days after bringing them home Max developed a cold. It took a good 4 weeks for the medication to work and he recovered nicely. Unfortunately Milly caught his cold and at that time unknown to us she had an under developed digestive tract. When she hadn't had a Milly poo for two days we took her to the vet again and they said there was nothing they could do. We were devastated. Then the vet told us about a special animal clinic that was about an hours drive away. He said they are very expensive but she might have a chance with them.

We didn't care about how much it cost, we took her straight up there. The vet specialist examined her and said she had pneumonia and needed an operation to clear her tract but probably would not survive but would do all he could. We went home and had to phone 3 days later to see if the operation had worked. I can't describe how elated i felt when he said she had survived and could come home 2 days later.

She has been going from strength to strength and can run circles around her brother now! We still have to make sure she does Milly poo as her tract is stretched, this might cause her problems in the future but for now she is great.

Our Miricle Milly!